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The SPIN-CARE Caregiver Advisory Team is a group of caregivers of people with scleroderma who oversee the Scleroderma Caregiver (SPIN-CARE) Project. Team members have collaborated to create an online survey to better understand the experiences of individuals who provide care for someone with scleroderma. With this information, the Advisory Team will help guide the development, testing, and dissemination of evidence-based resources to address the needs of scleroderma caregivers.

Members: Marcia Greiten; Christy McCaffrey; Judi McDonald; John Michalski, Lisa Spinney; Terry Stacey; Linda Tarantino.


Christy McCaffrey is the Founder and ...

Christy McCaffrey

Scleroderma Caregiver & Advocate

A retired teacher, Judi has been invo...

Judi McDonald

Scleroderma Caregiver & Advocate

John Michalski has been a scleroderma...

John Michalski

Scleroderma Caregiver & Advocate