SPIN at the Scleroderma Society of Ontario Patient Events

by Claire Fedoruk | Dec 03, 2018


At the London, Ontario Patient Forum on November 11th, SPIN Director Dr. Brett Thombs and SPIN trainee Danielle Rice presented on SPIN’s patient programs and our work to develop a program for scleroderma caregivers, SPIN-CARE. Another SPIN investigator, Dr. Janet Pope of Western University and St. Joseph’s Hospital, discussed commonly-used medical tests in scleroderma. Dr. Thombs and Danielle reported that it was a wonderful event with fabulous attendance and great participation by patients and family members. Thanks to Scleroderma Ontario and Lacey Battaglio for organizing this!

46445121_10155941484810544_4060948443734999040_oOn November 27th, SPIN Communications & Outreach Coordinator Claire Fedoruk had the pleasure of speaking about SPIN’s programs at Ottawa's first patient-led Information Session. Elissa Gustafson, a registered osteopath, gave a talk about the kind of treatments she offers for people with scleroderma. The session was organized by Karen Nielsen, President of the Scleroderma Society of Ontario, who emphasized the importance of patient-to-patient support. Attendees were excited to plan the next Ottawa support group meeting - you can follow the Scleroderma Society of Ontario on Twitter and Facebook for news about their support group meetings.