A warm welcome to the new SPIN-PACE Patient Advisory Team

by Claire Fedoruk | Dec 17, 2018

SPIN-PACE LogoWe are thrilled to announce the formation of a new Patient Advisory Team that will oversee the development of the SPIN Physical Activity Enhancement (PACE) Project. Alongside SPIN researchers and healthcare providers, these patient advocates will help develop an online program to help people living with scleroderma to stay physically active. 

The SPIN-PACE Patient Advisory Team boasts an array of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds in scleroderma advocacy, including national and provincial patient organizations, local scleroderma initiatives, and patient-led support groups. We’re very excited to tap into this expertise, and thankful for their generous contributions of time and effort. 

Starting this month, the SPIN-PACE Patient Advisory Team will meet with project leaders on a regular basis. Their first task involves helping with the creation of a survey about physical activity in scleroderma, which will eventually be given to members of the SPIN cohort. In the future, the Advisory Team will work to ensure that the SPIN-PACE program is easy to use and reflects the unique needs of people with scleroderma.

Check out the Teams & Committees page of our website for more information about each team member! 

SPIN-PACE Team Photo Collage2