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SPIN Trainees include postdoctoral students, graduate students, and undergraduate students who conduct research and help develop SPIN programs under the supervision of SPIN researchers. 



Andrea graduated with a bachelor&rsqu...

Andrea Carboni Jiménez

Research Assistant

Richard Henry is a postdoctoral fello...

Richard Henry

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brooke has been working with Dr. Bret...

Brooke Levis


Maria completed her Bachelors in Heal...

Maria Gagarine

Trainee, Public Health

Sabrina is a third-year undergrad hon...

Sabrina Provencher

Trainee, Psychology

Elsa is a Master's student in Psychia...

Elsa-Lynn Nassar

Trainee, Psychiatry

Marieke is an undergraduate student s...

Marieke Neyer

Trainee, Psychology